Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters


As a sectorial organization, our association is founded in 2003 in Antalya, in fertilizer sector of Turkey; formed by companies operating as manufacturers, importers and exporters. The interests and activities of our members; covering all phases of fertilizer and plant nutrition products, from production to distribution, until the meeting of soil and plant.

Today, every member of the profession has a non-governmental organization operating under the name of Chamber, Association, and Union etc. Discuss their common problems and seek solutions for them under the same roof. Our association acts for identifying and discussing common problems of Fertilizer The company’s representatives, proposing solutions, disseminating correct information within the sector and forming public opinion, and if necessary, taking initiatives before the relevant authorities for solutions.

The agricultural sector supplies the raw material of the food sector. One of the main inputs of the agricultural sector is fertilizer and plant nutrition products. Being without representation and ownership in this important sector will be a negative factor for the development of the sector. GUID is an association which brings together stakeholders of the sector, and meet this need and focuses on issues that can affect efficiency and quality, especially unfair competition.

Increasing world population and decreasing agriculture areas due to various reasons have made it necessary to increase the yield from unit area. It is not possible to achieve the desired yield increase without using fertilizer and plant nutrition products. Such inputs with such importance must be safe for the user and the environment. Reliable fertilizer and plant nutrition products should be in accordance with the legal documents provided in the applicable legislation, consistent with the analysis values of the existing label and product content information.

Our members’ self-inspections are giving confidence to the dealers and farmers, and at the same time, they are a reference for the companies which are exporting the products in this group from our country. The fact that exporting countries’ standard quality and consistency in the products will affect the export potential of the sector. This and many other responsibilities increase the responsibility of all our members, especially our GUID management team, to the association. GUID is in charge for all stakeholders in the field of fertilizer and plant nutrition to answer all your questions.

 Some items in the charter of the association:

  1. Observing policies that suitable to national and international standards in the use of fertilizers by considering human health and the supervision of the environment as the main responsibility
  2. Firstly; To communicate with all agriculture-related institutions and organizations such as Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Agriculture, chambers, associations, unions, cooperatives, vendors and producer organizations
  3. Participating in national and international meetings and fairs related to plant nutrition and fertilization, making productive and participatory actions in education and structuring
  4. To take measures to ensure the adaptation of the sector to the laws and regulations published by the related ministries in the framework of EU harmonization process and to inform the members
  5. Protecting the Members of the Association against all kinds of unfair competition and misapplications
  6. To realize all kinds of social and cultural solidarity among the members


Name Surname Mission Corporate Name URL
Metin GÜNEŞ Board President Eforganik Tarım Ltd.Şti. – Konya
Cansu GÖLOĞLU Member of Board Kare Tarım Ltd.Şti. – Antalya
Barış BÜYÜKYÖRÜK Member of Board Üniba Tarım A.Ş. – Antalya
Ali Çetin KARAKAYA Member of Board Doktor Tarsa Tarım A.Ş. – Antalya
Gökhan UZUNOĞLU Member of Board Valagro Tarım Ltd. Şti. – İzmir
Levent GELGEÇ Supervisory board member Altıntar Tarım A.Ş. – Antalya
Hüseyin Murat ÖCAL Supervisory board member Heksagon Katı Atık A.Ş. – İstanbul
Canan YILMAZ Supervisory board member Stoller (İzotar) – İzmir